During the past couple of days the amount of visits and comments on my blog have increased significantly… unfortunately this comments have been nothing really but a flame war between members of both projects.

I feel quite indignated by this childish attitude… I’ve known the project leaders of both projects for years and even though I know you guys had you differences in the past, this attitudes won’t take you anywhere. I personally believe than in stead they will push away new potencial users on both projects.

I’ve a FreeSoftware developer and promotor for years now… and have seen this type of “issues” before when T2 apeared as a fork for ROCK Linux… god even when dROCK existed there were people having differences…

Guys we are all in the same band here… and we are all part of the big familly of the OSS.. lets just let eachother move on and be happy… life is really simple… you make choices and you don’t look back.