So it has been a very interesting weekend.

I practiced tons of dirt biking this which was quite fun and helped me get rid of a lot off accumulated stress i had, but that was not the biggest thing that happened to me… it wasn’t related to coding either… It was related to me and God.

This weekend I have completely made peaces with God, and opened my hart to him. I have decided to let God take full control on my life and guide everything I do…. I have decided to let God be #1 on my life and devote most of my time and energy to his work.

That doesn’t mean i will leave the GNU/Linux and IT world… not at all… but it does mean I am going to make big changes in my life. I’m concious of the good and bad, and will only walk through the lords path now. I’m a new man now… and in my desire to have a better life I will as mentioned before walk through the right way in all the aspects of my life.

In case someone wants to check it out, this the url for my church:

God bless you all.