So it’s been a while since I don’twrite anything… as i had mentioned before my posts depend on my time and inspiration… guess in the past few days i have not been in the mood for new posts.. god damn CR goverment arrgg.. aight lets let that go. 🙂

So I have been doing quite a bit of work with OpenSDE, and feel quite happy to see several member of the “Grupo GNU/Linux de El Salvador” joining us at this early stages on the project, I’m doing my best to provide guidance and support specially for those who have a hard time readin english.

As we I write this I am downloading packages for a new build.. I need to test several base repository updates before I commit them… hopefully nothing will break and no one will scream… ah well we will find out tomorrow 🙂

Discussing today with the Linux SV group i realized that there is ALOT of interest in people to see XGL working and in general people is curious about what OpenSDE can do.. so I will fix the desktop target and add XGL support to general some livecds and iso to give away at the Linux Lan Party in El Salvador on Septemeber the 23rd and 24th… wish me luck 🙂

I still have the idea of creating a fork of the Geek Code running on my head.. i would really appreciate to get input, ideas, suggestions from people of the categories we should have on this fork.

anyways.. its been a long day i’m moving to /dev/bed