Due to commercial work related issues I must admit that I had to be away from many of the OSS projects I had been developing… and been done with that “stage” of my life has finally empowered me again to get back to my “beloved” projects, there are new things in line such the new OpenSDE project borned from ROCKLinux and T2, but there are also other projects that I’m slowly coming back to, such as keeping track and rediscovering SELinux and returning to ELKS, this last one really motivated by initiatives from my friend Claudio whom have been making commits and fixes as time allowes it.

I have also began to have the time to enjoy the research part of been a sysadmin.. not jus t killing fires and stopping attacks, but also playing with different technologies, I recently began to look into Qmail, I must say that even though I’m still in ;love with Sendmail, it sure is powerfull, I have taken qmailrocks as my guide to learn my way into it, and quickly developed my own way of customizing and setting up a decent Qmail server, a couple of clients have it and I’m quite impressed with the performance and web based administrtion was easy for the non-experienced admins,  most important clients are happy with it .. God it’s so good to always help people escape from m$ exchange 🙂

Currently I’m playing around with the different products that RedHat has to offer, rediscovering their internals and getting familiar again with everything, yes there is a porpuse behind it all… I will disclose it when the time is right 🙂

Long Life to OpenSource and GNU/Linux!