So today i gave talk on irc to the El Salvador GNU/Linux community, lots of fun, people actually enjoyed it.. or thats what it seemed, i will try my best and give more talks in the near future.. motivating the centralamerican folks is important… keep it up my friends 🙂

Also i wanted to specially thank my friend Alejandro Mery (mnemoc), Ihad horrible connectivity problems and if it wouldn’t have been for his help granting me access to a remote system i would have not been able to give my talk today.

In other topics, my birthday is tomorrow, I do not have any plans yet, and it feels weird to celebrate my birthday “alone” after having a special someone to share my time with for the last 6 years, but i’m sure i will survive… still miss special.. if you ever read this, you will be in my hearth always. Anyways… i don’t think i will write anything tomorrow, but feel free to post some coments or mail me if you need me.