This seminar took place at the Universidad de El Salvador, San Salvador on Agust 12, I must say that the first thing that supprised me was looking at how this small group of people organized such a nice event, my estimates are that there were over 200 people attending to the event.

In the looby you could find the registration board, and some stands.. one specifically called my attention, the TuxPC stand, first cause i finally met an old friend from IRC, “funnytux” whom have been around since 2001 or so on his early 11 o 12 years old talking side by side with distro developers and coders, this is NOT that usual, anyways I liked to see how they have customized and adapted a Slackware install to fit on low price generic PCs, their philosophy of selling LEGAL software with the hardware that is been purchased is focused obviously and offering GNU/Linux installed, I will have to give them a better approach to OpenSDE when the project is a bit matture, it will definitely be a good option for then as well, we are starting to the take over El Salvador, and this guys will definitly be in the list of the companies that “took the risk” and succeeded. Keep it up guys!

In the end of the event I was extremly supprised to see a lot of programmers that are mostly oriented in .NET willing to look into Free Software alternatives, and asking how they can start developing in FreeSoftware for now in .NET, while their learn other languages.

We made an outdoor discussion after the event where i was basically telling people about my experiences developing FreeSoftware during the past years, and giving them hints and ideas to consider as there is an initiative by the local LUG to create a Development group.

I’m will be following this community progress very close, and definitely join them in other events in the future.

Some pics of the events can be found at: